Café Auto

November 30, 2014


Quite often, when I’m making lists of places I want to include in guides to Copenhagen for different types of medias, I go out of my way to mention only the very best. The best coffee, the most beautiful and trendy café, the restaurant serving the tastiest Nordic dishes. I try to imagine where I would be happy to go if I were a tourist visiting Copenhagen for the first time. In this quest to guide people to the very best this city has to offer (as seen from a somewhat shallow point of view, some would probably argue!) I forget about a lot of places. The cosy neighborhood café serving a good and affordable breakfast, the best place for kebab on Nørrebro that often acts as a lifesaver a Sunday afternoons and the places I normally go for a coffee with my girlfriends.

So, I thought I would share Café Auto with you since it is one of my favorite places on Nørrebro, just a few minutes from where I live. This means that I frequent this café quite a lot and just within the last two weeks, I’ve had a great dinner here in the company of two girlfriends, a couple of hours of cosy work time with another girlfriend and yesterday, a great brunch with Esben. Café Auto doesn’t have marble tabletops or a crazy overpriced slice of bread with avocado. On the contrary, prices here are extremely reasonable, and the dishes are tasty and down to earth. A great burger, delicious french toast, steak tartare, chili con carne and goat cheese salad. Simple and good. The staff is friendly, the vibe is relaxed and you are welcome to stay for as long as you wish. I would recommend this place for both a fulfilling brunch and a low-key but tasty dinner and since you’re in the area, don’t forget to take a walk in the nearby Assistens Cemetery which will take you to Jægersborggade with a lot of nice places.

Ps. I apologize for the somewhat grainy photos. The light isn’t great in there and my beloved iPhone doesn’t suffice.

Café Auto
Griffenfeldsgade 22, 2200 Kbh. N

The Fat Radish

October 19, 2014


Yesterday, I had the best pancakes of my life. I had to share them with three persons, but luckily, these three are the ones who know me best in this world, so I got to eat the majority of them without anyone feeling cheated. Phew! They were Lemon Ricotta pancakes served with blueberry jam at The Fat Radish, and they were soft, not too doughy and so tasty.

As the name implies, fresh and seasonal vegetables are a big part of the farm-to-table menu at this place, but there’s something for everyone here. I have only visited The Fat Radish for brunch and the ‘all greens omelette’ with ricotta cheese is delicious. So are the crostini with smoked salmon and the potato cake with poached eggs!

You will find the restaurant on Orchard Street in Manhattan’s Chinatown – or is it called Lower East Side? I am not sure, but either way, this neighborhood is one of my favorite places to be in Lower Manhattan. Quieter and less crowded than some of the other areas (I’m thinking SoHo and Greenwich Village), but still so diverse and so much to do, see and eat.

The Fat Radish
17 Orchard Street

Colonia Verde

September 3, 2014


This beautiful place has now become one of our New York favorites. It might be because of the charming backyard, the tasty food, the perfect location in Fort Greene just a nice walk from our place or the always friendly staff. Either way, we keep coming back and if you ever find yourself in this big city, you should swing by too.

Colonia Verde is a Latin American restaurant great for brunch and even better for the weekly Sunday pig roast. A succulent pig has been roasting inside a Caja China all day and starting from 3pm it’s served with tortillas, rice, guacamole and dippings. To set the mood, they start you off with duck fat popcorn and to end the Sunday feast properly, Latin American style s’mores with chocolate and biscuits from South of the border satisfy the sweet tooth.

The menu changes weekly based on what they’ll find at the market (naturally – any self-respecting NYC restaurant will depend on their local farmer’s market for fresh produce!) and the couple of times we have been by for brunch, we’ve enjoyed dulce de leche pancakes (so good!), shrimp tacos, warm brussel sprouts Ceasar salad with a poached egg and so much more. It’s a true neighborhood restaurant, and I feel like gathering all of my friends in that backyard on a Sunday to enjoy a slow cooked meal and cocktails.

Colonia Verde
219 Dekalb Avenue, Ft. Greene

AP Café

August 17, 2014


Look at this place! All white and minimalistic. Right down my alley! AP Café is located i Bushwick, Brooklyn and it has got to be one of the most beautiful cafés in NYC. The wooden table tops, Eames chairs, concrete floors and high ceilings make for a great atmosphere and you’ll even find two waterfalls both indoor and outdoor. Waterfalls! My first thought when visiting this place on our second day here was that it didn’t feel like I was in the very hip but also kind of deserted Brooklyn-area of Bushwick, but in a cool part of Downtown Manhattan. I guess that observation might be a touristy one to make. But i any case AP Café makes Bushwick worth a visit, even if you are the kind of visitor that only make it halfway over the Brooklyn Bridge. And if you are, you should seriously consider walking all the way, ’cause Brooklyn rocks!    

AP Café serves breakfast and lunch (they close at 7.30 pm so I guess a light early dinner is doable too) and a few examples from the menu are as follows; Smoked Salmon Sandwich, Croissant Sandwich (chicken apple sausage, scrambled egg, spinach and cheddar, it was great!), Kale Salad and Yoghurt Parfait. Plus, of course, freshly squeezed juices, smoothies and the best doughnuts from Dough. A perfect way to begin a day of exploring Bushwick and beyond!

AP Café
420 Troutman St., Brooklyn

Brooklyn: Bakeri

August 12, 2014


I’m in NYC! Finally, after having dreamed about staying in the city for more than just a vacation’s time for so long, we’re here (my boyfriend and I, that is) for three months. I am very much looking forward to getting to know this city a little better and sharing some of my favorite places here on Farandclose.com (and on my Instagram of course).

First up is Bakeri, a charming coffee shop in Williamsburg. To be honest, I’ve never had very high thoughts of Williamsburg, mostly because I have mistaken the neighbourhood for mainly being the crowded and not so pretty hipster’s paradise of Bedford Avenue. But as it turns out, Williamsburg is much more than that (obviously, but I’m glad we now have more than a just few days to discover and explore this!). Wythe Avenue runs parallel to Bedford Avenue, and this street seems to have a couple of nice places, Bakeri being one of them. I’ve been seeing many photos from this coffee shop on Instagram (mainly on Emma Jane Kepley’s pretty profile) and I was looking forward to sitting in that courtyard with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. It was just as peaceful and beautiful as I had imagined and I even think I heard birds chirping! At Bakeri they serve breakfast and lunch; baguette with different spreads, granola yoghurt and pastries for breakfast and a whole variety of sandwiches, soups and salads for lunch. I sat there for a while and had two pieces of cake as I couldn’t decide and a coffee and everything was perfect. The place wasn’t busy at all, but I guess I was just lucky coming here on a late afternoon and having the courtyard all to myself.

Bakeri has a location in Greenpoint as well, and I will definitely visit both cafés again before long. Next time, I’m getting the Smoked Whitefish sandwich. And the Triple Chocolate Tart.

150 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn

Atelier September

June 20, 2014

imageimage kopi

Atelier September has got to be one of the most beautiful cafés in Copenhagen – and also, perhaps the most instagrammed one. But look at those marble surfaces, big windows and that vintage counter – who can blame us instagammers for going a little crazy in there? The bright and airy room used to house an antique store and even though Atelier September is now a café serving delicious breakfast and lunch, the original Picasso-posters on the wall are still for sale.

photo 1photo 4 kopi

On the handwritten menu behind the counter you’ll find mostly organic food and despite of its simplicity, the menu offers everything you need to start the day off right: skyr (Icelandic-style yoghurt) with granola, grape with fresh mint, a croissant as buttery and delicious as the ones in Paris, homemade lemonade, matcha tea, coffee and and freshly squeezed juice. For a more brunch-like meal, try some Danish rye bread with either cheese, jam or avocado (served sliced in a very photogenic way like everything else on the menu) or an open faced sandwich with eggs.

Open from 8 am until 6 pm Monday through Saturday, Atelier September also serves lunch and early dinner. Get a spot in the windows, look out at life in Central Copenhagen and enjoy a Salade Caprese, Mozzarella Di Bufala or the Plat du Jour in one of the coolest cafés in Copenhagen these days. Oh, and if you’re around this Summer, don’t forget to try the ‘koldskål’ with strawberries – a Danish Summer dessert classic!

Atelier September
Gothersgade 30, 1123 Kbh. K